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Some selected news:

  • Check out my new (additional) website Content is being uploaded on a daily basis.
  • A Public Research Residency has taken place from August 8 till september 10 (2022), with Doina Kraal and Roger Cremers as (the first) residents, co-curated by Looiersgracht 60 and Radical Reversibility. There were public events on August 20 and 27 and September 3 and 10. For an impression: Check out
  • On September 4 2022, the book ‘Footprint’ by Gerco de Ruijter and Peter Delpeut was launched at Walgenbach Art & Books in Rotterdam. The book, consisting of two folded maps, has been designed by Hans Gremmen and published by FW:Books. I was involved on various levels of editing and producing. In April 2023 the book has been selected for The Best Verzorgde Boeken 2022.
  • For Museum De Domijnen, Sittard, I have curated the exhibition Ieder-een: Het portret Voorbij.
    With: Sidi El Karchi, José Fijnaut & Maria Stams, Museum of Humanity, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Ulay, Rineke Dijkstra, Marrie Bot, Romy Finke, Diana Blok, Eugenio Dittborn, Corinne Noordenbos, Roy Villevoye, Caroline Coolen, Joana Schneider, Tom Liekens, Helena van der Kraan, Folkert de Jong, Desirée Dolron, Lidwien van de Ven, Risk Hazekamp, Cas Oorthuys, Willem Oorebeek, Kim Gordon, Aernout Mik, Shirana Shahbazi, Lieve Prins, Eric Hamelink, Ed Templeton, Hannes Wallrafen, Alfredo Jaar, Javier Téllez, Brandon Ballengée, Edward Lipski and an archival show with 100 historic images from The Heritage Collection of Museum De Domijnen.
    Up untill May 8th 2022. See my Instagram for six posts on the topic, starting HERE.
  • In the context of an ongoing research programme art cooperative Radical Reversibility organized, in collaboration with Looiersgracht 60, the exhibition From Seeing to Acting (from 16 september – 4 oktober 2021). See for all INFO
  • I’m proud to be the editor of POLDER VIII, a book initiated and compiled by photographer Raimond Wouda, who had been photographing for thirty years in Tuindorp-Oostzaan, an area in Amsterdam North the construction of which started one hundred years ago. The book has been designed by Hans Gremmen en published by FW:Books. From september 1 on there is an exhibition going on with the same subject at Stadsarchief Amsterdam.
  • I have had the pleasure to present the second Footnote for the Input Party. HERE you’ll find my contribution.
  • I am pleased to announce that I recieved a ‘Ontwikkelbudget’ from The Amsterdam Art Foundation. This will enable me to enhance editing and design skills in order to deepen en broaden the scope of my research through images and this will lead, amongst other leads, to a fresh new output of image-based essays, primarily to be shared on a new website to arrive this fall.
  • Currently doing (book)projects with/for: Lana Mesic, Doina Kraal, Erik Lieber, Theo Bos, Alex Fischer, Maura Biava, Judith Quax, Hein Eberson a.o.
instagram: @frankvdstok
skype: frankvdstok

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