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Some selected news:

– I am pleased to announce that Radical Reversibility has been granted the Kunstpodia Start Grant by the Mondriaan Foundation for the new project From Seeing to Acting, the sequel of Seeing without a Seer. A show and many side-activities to take place at Looiersgracht 60, mid September. Read the ‘save the date’ HERE

– I am pleased to announce that I recieved a ‘Ontwikkelbudget’ from The Amsterdam Art Foundation. This will enable me to enhance editing and design skills in order to deepen en broaden the scope of my research through images and this will lead, amongst other leads, to a fresh new output of image-based essays, primarily to be shared on a new website to arrive this fall.

– Currently doing projects with/for: Florian Göttke, The Input Party, Lana Mesic, Doina Kraal, Gerco de Ruijter, Erik Lieber, Theo Bos, Alex Fischer, Wolfgang Messing, Maura Biava e.o.

– On June 8th 2019 the show When Red Disappears [Elspeth Diederix] opened at Huis Marseille and the book with the same title was launched. For Huis Marseille I co-curated the show, wrote the press release and all texts for the rooms. For the book I was the producer and co-editor, together with Hans Gremmen [Fw:Books] and Elspeth Diederix herself. Check out this disarming review by one of the international authorities on photobook critique Jörg Colberg. Or what about this one [in Dutch]!!!!

– In the context of an ongoing research programme the art cooperative Radical Reversibility organized, in collaboration with Looiersgracht 60, the exhibition and symposium Seeing without a Seer (from 20 – 30 september 2018). The programme was set up as a cooperative, imaginative and speculative exercise to grasp what is at stake in the act of seeing. Seeing without a Seer explores alternative ways of looking, thinking and image-making that evade the central position of the viewer. For this Amsterdam Art Fund granted me/us a Drop-in Consultation Grant and Mondriaan Foundation granted me a Project Grant Intermediaries.

More on and if you’re interested (and missed it) this small catalogue might compensate a bit. Here are 40 visuals!

– For Foam Magazine issue #50 WATER I was commissioned to write a short text about Elspeth Diederix underwater photography series When Red Dissappears.
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