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Some news:

Currently working on projects with for: Elspeth Diederix, Paul Bogaers, Daan Paans, Koen Hauser and Raimond Wouda.

I’m proud to be the (former) picture editor of The book volume could be considered the best possible translation of online content to book format. WdW Review: Arts, Culture, and Journalism in Revolt, Vol. 1 (2013–2016) has been selected as one of the 33 ’Best verzorgde Boeken" van 2017 (The annual 33 Best Dutch Book Designs of 2017). Remco van Bladel is the designer of the online platform and the book. LINK

In the context of an ongoing research programme the art cooperative Radical Reversibility organized, in collaboration with Looiersgracht 60, the exhibition and symposium Seeing without a Seer (from 20 – 30 september). The programme was set up as a cooperative, imaginative and speculative exercise to grasp what is at stake in the act of seeing. Seeing without a Seer explores alternative ways of looking, thinking and image-making that evade the central position of the viewer. The show, the symposium and the talks were all successful. More on and if you’re interested (and missed it) this small catalogue might compensate a bit. For this Amsterdam Art Fund granted me a Drop-in Consultation Grant and Mondriaan Foundation granted me a Project Grant Intermediaries.

For Foam Magazine issue #50 WATER I was commissioned to write a short text about Elspeth Diederix underwater photography series When Red Dissappears.
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